SF6 Free Gas Handling

Insulating gases for switchgear according to zero emission concept

"Alternative gases" generally consist of specific gas mixtures with specified mixing ratios. By their very nature, these place correspondingly "alternative" demands on the equipment design. It necessarily follows that SF6 service and measurement equipment is unsuitable for use with alternative gases.

Our more than fifty years of experience in SF6 gas handling has enabled us, in our research and development work for the use of alternative gases, to extend proven equipment by those requirements which the new gas mixtures place on the equipment.

The differences to the handling of SF6 gas are marginal here. After all, even when alternative gases are used, the gas must be extracted from the gas compartment, the air vented and the gas chamber refilled during maintenance.

The aim in solving these tasks is to implement our "Zero Emission Concept" - a cycle defined by us which ensures that all process steps in gas handling can be reliably carried out without emissions.With our "Zero Emission Concept" we have defined a closed technological cycle that covers all gas handling processes with high reliability and without emissions.

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