DILO Certified Gas

Competence as a principle

With our competence in gas handling and more than fifty years of experience in handling sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), we have been able to expand our range of services to include "DILO Certified Gas".

DILO Certified Gas covers the supply of pure gases and gas mixtures as well as the return and reprocessing of used gas. To this end, we provide our customers with the analytical expertise of our DILO laboratory as well as all services related to gas handling (TÜV inspections of pressure vessels, support with logistics etc.) Our "DILO Certified Gas" seal of approval stands for the high quality of our products and services in the field of SF6 gas, but also alternative insulating gases and gas mixtures such as Bl 3M™ Novec™ 4710 (C4) or 3M™ Novec™ 5110 (C5).

DILO Certified Gas

  • Alternative insulating gases and specific gas mixtures.
  • Supply of reprocessed SF6 in new gas quality.
  • Take-back of used SF6 gas
  • Processing of used SF6 gas for reuse
  • Certified gas analyses in our own laboratory
  • Lending of pressure vessels (cylinders, tanks etc.)
  • TÜV re-testing of pressure vessels
  • Suction, repainting, relabeling and valve exchange of pressure vessels
  • Loan of service and measuring equipment for emission-free gas handling at the customer's site
  • Logistic support and deliveries according to valid transport regulations
  • Takeover of the entire gas handling area at the customer's site

Quality features of DILO Certified Gas:

  • Permanent control of the gas quality of the reconditioned gases
  • Deliveries always with DILO certificate
  • Deliveries exclusively with TÜV-certified pressure vessels
  • Preparation of documents: Mass balance of SF6 and alternative gas, weighing and measurement reports in the course of SF6/alternative gas monitoring
  • Fast turnaround and processing times for orders
  • Separate work areas for materials and pressure vessels (of SF6 gas and "alternative gases"). In this way, the mixing of gases can be excluded.

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